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There's a certain thing about the smells and the sounds of lapping water, the way the sun dapples the land...then, the quick thrill of adrenaline, as you get in the action! 


In that moment, we experience something so cool that we feel compelled to share it with our friends and anyone who will listen.  And guess what??  It might have nothing to do with the fish itself ...


That is what drives TruFishing. 


To provide the world with a platform where people can share their fishing experiences through contests from organizations that they trust and support.


At TruFishing, we provide a fun interactive way to join others in expressing the enjoyment of the outdoors.  Join a variety of contests and be sure to check back regularly, as we continue to expand our platform to help you show the world how it’s done.


We provide environmentally responsible fishing contests that adhere to best practices in keeping our wildlife sustainable. 

We are proud signatories of:


Meet The Team

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Tim and his wife Sharon reside on the Jersey shore.  Their mission is to create fun platforms for the recreational fishing industry so that more people will participate.  They want people to create memories that will be with them for a lifetime.  Tim is the Chief Visionary Officer at TruFishing.


Ilya Goldin, Ph.D., is from the great city of Pittsburgh.  He is a data scientist and an expert in AI and Machine Learning. His scholarly articles have been cited over 500 times, and he is a co-inventor on two US patents. He guides the development of AI technologies that power the TruFishing platform.

Ed Rudberg, Ph.D., comes to us from Minnesota.  He is a wizard of business strategy, recreational fishing markets, aquatic invasive species, and conservation.  He is the Founder and CEO of two amazing companies that are dedicated to keeping our environment as healthy as it can be.  

Derek Peachey is an avid angler himself - from the clean waters of Montana.  He is the driving force behind the rapid growth of numerous companies, ranging from start-ups to large enterprises.  Derek brings a wealth of technical and marketing resources for us to build cool stuff, and is proudly raising the next gen of fishing fanatics.

Based out of New Jersey, Rich is a social gaming maven.  From the early days of Atari to where we are today with so many digital gaming options, his expertise helps guide our gamification engine.  If you want to provide a entertaining game that is a win – win for all involved, Rich is the guy to listen to.