What Is TruFishing


TruFishing is an interactive web platform designed to showcase and connect outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Working with a trusted network of corporate partners, TruFishing hosts events that unite anglers in fishing and the enjoyment of nature. Not only do the events broadcast the comradery that makes fishing such a wonderful pastime, but they leverage the activity for the betterment of mission-based causes. 


TruFishing is built on the premise that fishing is good. It is good for people; it is good for the environment. Competition—and the chumminess with your fishing buddies—is as integral to the pastime as the fishing story. TruFishing captures these benefits while leveraging the natural friendly competitive aspect of fishing.


The product of collaboration between an interdisciplinary team of experts, TruFishing’s approach is unique. Consider the following:

  • TruFishing events are customizable. From the target audience and event objective to the cause that it supports, TruFishing is purpose-built to produce engagement and interactivity between sponsors and participants.

  • TruFishing showcases the passion for fishing. Events run through the site not only showcase the passion for fishing but incentivize participation. More fishing not only benefits the individuals and families who participate but generates more alignment with event sponsors. This positive feedback cycle is a win-win.  

  • TruFishing connects brands with the recreational fishing community. In the United States, more people fish than play golf and tennis combined. From the passionate angler to the first-timer, TruFishing is designed to connect brands and products with all of the passion that makes the recreational fishing community so special.


TruFishing is currently hosting a variety of interesting fishing contests.

  • The National Father’s Day Fishing Contest (Voting Period Ends Aug 2nd) showcases the platform’s ability to engage anglers across the United States.  The contest, which awards $500 toward a fishing charter of the winner’s choice, is judged on video submissions that best illustrate the lifelong benefits of learning to fish from dad.

  • The National Fish My Shoes Contest (Open) is judged on the best 15-second catch and release video submitted. Submissions inspire viewers to think about how much they’d like to “fish the shoes” of those who catch and release epic fish. The Grand prize is a $3,000 five-day, four-night stay in a fishing villa on the world-renowned Salmon River in Pulaski, New York. 

    • The Fish My Shoes Contest is the product of a partnership between TruFishing and FlipRocks—a footwear company that makes the most technologically advanced flip flops on the market. The collaboration—and the content generated through the Fish My Shoes Contest— encourages families to enjoy the great outdoors. Catch and release videos, after all, are less about the fish and the fisherman themselves and more about inspiring others to get outdoors and go fishing themselves.

  • The Outside-In Fishing Contest (Open) showcases the notion that spending time outside makes you a better person—even when you’re inside. Spending time in the great outdoors helps people relax and focus. The mental and physical benefits of making time to spend fishing with your friends and family are too numerous to list here. This contest is judged in terms of video submissions that best illustrate how the benefits of time spent on the water translate to other areas of your life as well.


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